Car Tips: Prepare Your Car For Winter

Taking care of your vehicle properly starts with routine maintenance. Winter is right around the corner, which means it’s time to take the proper steps to ensure your vehicle runs all winter long. Don’t get stuck out in the cold waiting on roadside assistance! Here are a few helpful tips to prepare your car for winter from us here at Bill Roberts Chevrolet.

Prepare your car for winter

  • Battery – Taking care of your battery is pertinent if you want your vehicle to start in cold weather. If your battery is more than three years old, odds are its time for a replacement. Examine your battery for bulges, cracks, leaks, and other potential problems. Scrape the corrosion off the posts while you’re at it.
  • Oil – Fresh oil is far more efficient than old oil, which is why an oil change is highly recommended at the change of the season. Changing the oil ensures your engine will operate at peak efficiency. That reduces the risk of an engine problem on the road, especially in winter.
  • Lights – Staying properly visible is just as important as being able to see. That’s where your lights come in. Take the time to clean the lenses and replace any burnt out bulbs. Doing so decreases the likelihood of an accident due to decreased visibility.