Drive-In Movie Tips and Tricks

The drive-in is a classic part of summer. If you’re looking to relive your childhood, follow these easy drive-in movie tips for a fun, carefree night with the whole family.

Drive-In Movie

Bring Activities

Going to the drive-in isn’t the same as going to a movie theater. You’re allowed to get out of your seat and play around, so it’s a good idea to bring stuff to do for your kids.

Bring Warm Clothes

You’ll probably get to the drive-in before dark, while it’s still hot outside, but once the sun sets you’ll get chilly fast. Make sure you have sweatshirts and blankets to keep you warm after the sun goes down.

Bug Spray

It’s summer, and you’re going to be in the middle of a big open field at the drive-in. You definitely need to bring bug spray, especially if you want to keep your kids from getting eaten up by mosquitos.

Have a Way to Listen

You can tune into the movie’s audio with your radio, but that means you’ll have your car battery running the whole two hours you’re there. If you’d rather play it safe, bring a portable, battery-charged radio for easy listening.

Eating and Getting Rid of Food

You’re going to be at the drive-in for a while, so don’t forget to bring snacks. But make sure you have a garbage bag to get rid of chip bags, plastic bottles, paper plates, and napkins.

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What to Bring to the Drive-In Theater

All you need for the drive-in theater is a ticket for entry and a comfortable, spacious vehicle from Bill Roberts Chevrolet. But you can enhance any trip to the drive-in with some extra supplies. Here are five things to bring to the drive-in theater this summer.

Drive-In Theater


Many drive-in theaters will only accept cash at the concession stand and/or the front gate. Bring plenty of cash with you so that you’ll have enough for snacks and refreshments throughout the night.


If you want prime seating options, you’ll want to arrive to the drive-in early. If this is your plan, make sure to bring activities to keep people entertained while you’re waiting for the movie to begin, like coloring books, Frisbee, or a football.

A Portable Radio

Drive-in theaters broadcast the sound to the movies through FM radio signals. You can use the radio in your car for this, but if you prefer sitting outside you’ll need a portable radio to hear the audio.


You might be happy to spend the entire movie inside of your car. But, if it’s a clear night it’s also enjoyable to sit outside in the open and watch the movie from there. Bring lawn chairs for everyone for an easy second seating option.

Blankets and Pillows

Summer nights can drop to pleasant chilly temperatures. A light blanket and a few throw pillows will ensure that everyone stays cozy throughout the movie.

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