Tips for Test-Driving A Used Car

Test Drive

You’ve decided that you want to purchase a used vehicle, which is a great way to save money and value. But how do you go about test driving it? Here, we give you a few tips for test-driving a used car to help make the process easier.

Give it a good once over — inside and out. Before you even get into the car for a test drive, make sure you look it over. Examine its exterior for any rust or scratches, including its windshield. Make sure that the tires are in good condition and that there is a spare. Inside the vehicle, check out how well the upholstery has held up, the fit of the panels, and all of the electrical components.

Listen closely. When you get to driving, listen to various components to help detect any issues. Is the engine purring along like it should? Do you hear a screeching sound every time you hit the brakes? There are certain sounds that can indicate issues with the vehicle, so make sure you pay close attention.

Get a second opinion. If you’re not sure about the quality of the vehicle, then get someone that you trust to give it a go, too. They can either confirm the used vehicle isn’t as great as it should be or that it’s fine.

If you’re ready to test-drive a used vehicle, stop into Bill Roberts Chevrolet Buick — we’ve got a huge and great selection of high-quality pre-owned vehicles.

Fun Fall Weather Activities Around Bolivar

Before the true winter season hits, you’ll want to get out and enjoy Bolivar. Here are some of the best things to do to enjoy the last of that fall weather.

Food Trucks

Seek out events where you can find some original Bolivar food trucks, like the “Not’cho Ordinary Taco Truck”–a serious crowd pleaser. Hawaiian Surf ‘n Turf Taco and the Never Fake Cheesesteak are some favorites.

Dunnegan Memorial Park

Enjoy the beautiful fall scenery while it’s here at this beautiful park. There are ample picnic spots as well as winding paths around its small lake. Plus, even when it does get cold, you can drive around the park for its Christmas light show.

Farmer’s Market

Want to cook local? It’s easy with the Farmer’s Market, which is open every Saturday from 8am until noon. Here, you’ll be able to find locally-grown fruits and vegetables as well as baked goods, jams, and meats. Even if you’re not looking for food, you can find other items to buy local, like handmade soaps.

No matter what the weather is like in Bolivar, there are always unique fall weather activities around Bolivar to do. While the weather is still crisp, and not yet cold, try to enjoy the great outdoors in the seat of a new Chevy from Bill Roberts Chevrolet Buick.

These Tips to Keep Your Car Cool Will Help You This Summer

Tips To Keep Your Car Cool | Bolivar, MO
Enjoy The Summer But Skip The Heat

Keep Your Car Cool This Summer

Spring is officially upon us, with summer rapidly approaching, and you know what that means. Your car is about to get super hot – especially when your return to it after a long day in a parking lot.


Try to keep the temperature down this year by following these tips to keep your car cool.

  • First and foremost, always try to park indoors, in a parking garage, or at least under a tree. The shade will make an enormous difference.
  • Get yourself a quality sunshade, and if you ever have to park your vehicle in the sun, be sure to prop it up.
  • If you feel comfortable doing so, keep your windows slightly cracked for some air ventilation.
  • Throw blankets or towels over anything that you don’t want to get burning hot, like the steering wheel, seat belt buckles, or back seats.
  • If you’ve just returned to your car and know it’s going to be uncomfortably warm, open the doors and wait for a few moments. Don’t force yourself to suffer!

Learn More

To learn more about how to manage your vehicle this summer, or to take a new vehicle on a test drive, give us a call or stop by and visit us at Bill Roberts Chevrolet.