5 Important Spring Car Maintenance Musts

Treating your vehicle to routine maintenance is the best way to ensure its longevity on the road. Ideally, you’ll bring your car into service at Bill Roberts Chevrolet every season for maintenance to make sure it is road-ready. Here are the types of spring car maintenance you’ll need to consider as we (finally) head out of winter:

Spring Car Maintenance - Oil Change

Oil Change

Follow your owner’s manual for oil change frequency instructions. Depending on how often and far you drive, you may need an oil change two, three, or even four times a year. If you are a frequent driver, the changing of the seasons is a great reminder for an oil change.

Wiper Blades

After a wet winter, it’s probably time to replace your wiper blades—before those April showers.

Check Your Tires

Winter can do a number on your tires. Check their inflation and their tread. If you used winter tires, change them out for all-season ones.

Test the Lighting

Now is a good time to see if any bulbs burnt out over the winter since you probably used your lights more often. We can replace any bulbs that have burnt out.

Test the Battery

Cold weather can drain your battery. Test yours to make sure it is still functioning properly after winter, and replace it if necessary.

For more maintenance suggestions, call us or schedule a service appointment, to ensure that your vehicle is safe and functioning smoothly as you transition into spring.

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