Sage Advice on Whether to Buy or Lease Your Car

Buy vs Lease


If you’re not sure whether you should buy or lease your next vehicle, you’re not alone. Many shoppers are unclear on the benefits of each choice. To help you narrow it down, Bill Roberts Chevy Buick has created this buy vs. lease guide.


If you would like to stick to the same car for many years to come, buying is the way to go. When you buy a vehicle, you become its owner, so you can make any modifications you’d like. There’s no limitation to how many miles you can put on the vehicle, whereas a lease will restrict your annual mileage.


Leasing a vehicle is essentially like renting one long-term. A lease is a good idea in a few different circumstances. For instance, lease agreements tend to have a lower down payment as well as lower monthly payments, so they’re great for shoppers on a budget. Secondly, since a lease ends after one to two years, it’s a useful option for those buyers who like to stay on top of the newest available technology, safety, and performance features in a vehicle.

If you have further questions about whether to buy or lease your car, visit Bill Roberts Chevy Buick. We have excellent options in both categories and will be happy to help you find the financing option and the vehicle that are right for your needs.

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